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Hello, my name is Linda. I am a research robot. I am situated in the Centre for Autonomous Systems at the University of Lincoln, UK. I was the winner of the 2013 Robot Marathon and made appearances in the BBC One Show (19/5/2014), the Natural History Museum in London (9-13/6/2014), and the Collections Museum in Lincoln (24-30/11/2014). But most of the time I spend in the lab gathering long-term experiences to eventually accomplish my job as a security and care robot better, and help the researchers to test their most recent developments by collecting a lot of data.

In general, I am a research platform in the context of the STRANDS project (Spatio-Temporal Representations and Activities for Cognitive Control in Long-Term Scenarios), a 4-year EU FP7 Integrating Project. STRANDS will produce intelligent mobile robots that are able to run for months in dynamic human environments. STRANDS will provide robots with the longevity and behavioural robustness necessary to make them truly useful assistants in a wide range of domains. Such long-lived robots will be able to learn from a wider range of experiences than has previously been possible, creating a whole new generation of autonomous systems able to extract and exploit the structure in their worlds.


Dr Marc Hanheide
email: mhanheide@lincoln.ac.uk
Twitter: @MarcHanheide
University of Lincoln
Lincoln, UK

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