3D Datasets of Broccoli in the Field

General description

This work was undertaken by members of the Lincoln Centre for Autonomous Systems, University of Lincoln, UK. The four data collection sessions were conducted at three different sites in Lincolnshire, UK and one in Murcia, Spain (see Fig. 1). The sessions were conducted at the beginning and towards the end of harvesting season in UK and at the end of the harvest in Spain. The variety of broccoli plants grown in UK is called Iron Man whilst the variety grown in Spain is called Titanium.The weather during UK data capture included a mixture of different conditions including sunny, overcast and raining with broccoli varying in maturity levels from small to larger to already harvested, while the conditions for data capture in Spain included strong sunlight and mature plants at the very end of the harvesting season. The tractor was driven through the broccoli field at a slow walking speed with two rows of broccoli plants being imaged by the RGB-D sensor.

both sites
Figure 1. Location of the four sites featured in the dataset: in UK (left), in Spain (right).


If you find this dataset useful and use it in your work please cite the following paper:
K. Kusumam, T. Krajnik, S. Pearson, G. Cielniak and T. Duckett, (2016)
Can you pick a broccoli? 3D-vision based detection and localisation of broccoli heads in the field.
In: IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 9-14 October 2016, Daejeon, Republic of Korea.


Table I. 3D point cloud datasets.
location/date run duration [mm:ss] frames fps files preview
Boston, UK, Aug 2015 1 01:08 898 13.0 point clouds (.pcd) (1.4GB)
2 01:10 801 11.3 point clouds (.pcd) (1.2GB)
3 01:20 979 12.1 point clouds (.pcd) (1.5GB)
4 01:06 806 12.1 point clouds (.pcd) (1.3GB)
5 01:00 743 12.2 point clouds (.pcd) (1.1GB)
Surfleet A, UK, Nov 2015 1 01:47 776 7.2 GPS logs (13.7MB)
point clouds (.pcd) (1.5GB)
2 04:54 2201 7.5 GPS logs (77.3MB)
point clouds (.pcd) (4.5GB)
colour images (.png) (5.6GB)
ground truth (0.8MB)
3 09:32 4682 8.2 GPS logs (77.3MB)
point clouds (.pcd) (9.4GB)
4 07:53 1580 3.3 GPS logs (47.4MB)
point clouds (.pcd) (3.2GB)
ground truth (0.8MB)
Surfleet B, UK, Nov 2015 1 08:10 4045 8.2 GPS logs (85.5MB)
point clouds (.pcd) (8.1GB)
2 01:39 823 8.2 GPS logs (9.5MB)
point clouds (.pcd) (1.6GB)
3 18:11 9468 8.7 GPS logs (89.3MB)
point clouds (.pcd) (19.0GB)
Fuente Alamo, Spain, Apr 2016 1 03:56 1518 6.4 GPS logs (27.9MB)
point clouds (.pcd) (2.9GB)
ground truth (3.5MB)
2 02:52 989 5.7 GPS logs (26.5MB)
point clouds (.pcd) (1.8GB)
3 18:03 6048 5.6 GPS logs (124.5MB)
point clouds (.pcd) (11.4GB)
4 17:30 5865 5.6 GPS logs (127.8MB)
point clouds (.pcd) (11.7GB)