Witham Wharf RGB-D dataset

The Witham Wharf was collected for purposes of testing RGB-D localization in changing environments. The dataset consists of one training set and three testing sets that cover changes of eight locations in an open-plan office for one year. We provide the gathered data in form of rosbags and color images.

Dataset purpose

The intended use was to create a dataset to benchmark visual and RGB-D localization in changing environments. See and hear the 2 minute video below. If you are interrested only in how the dataset was collected, simply skip the first minute of the video or click here.

LCAS Witham Wharf dataset collection process (time 1:13-1:32)

Dataset structure


The provided archives contain rosbags, which are zipped into separate files according to the day of the data collection. Each rosbag contains a depth/color image, camera information, robot position, tf data and laser scan captured by the robot at a location and time that is encoded in the rosbag name, which contains day, month, year, hour, minute and location id. For example, 3D_16-11-13-15-20_place_3.bag contains data gathered at location 3 on Nov 16 2013 at 15:20 o'clock.

Color images

Color images of the dataset are arranged into eight folders according to the location they were captured at. Images were captured on a regular basis every 10 minutes and their filename corresponds to the time they were captured at. For example 00000.bmp was captured at midnight the first day, 00012.bmp at 2:10 am on the first day and 00145.bmp at 0:10am of the second day of the data collection. Please note that sometimes the robot got stuck and failed to capture an image at a given location. For our method, we needed to substitute these missing images by taking the last previously captured image.


November 2013 training7 days10-16/Nov/2013 Nov 2013 training Nov 2013 training
November 2013 testing1 day 17/Nov/2013 Nov 2013 testing Nov 2013 testing
February 2014 testing1 day 02/Feb/2014 Feb 2014 testing Feb 2014 testing
December 2014 testing1 day 14/Dec/2014 Dec 2014 testing Dec 2014 testing
Complete dataset 10 daysall of the above Complete dataset Complete dataset

Additional information

If you need to transform the point clouds to a global coordinate frame, you can use the ww_transforms package, which provides a map of the environment and additional transforms that complement the tf information that is contained in the rosbags. The robot also performed 360°×90° 3D sweeps on an hourly basis at three different locations of the Witham Wharf.

Conditions of use

If you use the dataset for your research, please cite our paper that describes the data collection in detail. We attached a bibtex record for your convenience.

This dataset is part of the larger LCAS-STRANDS long-term dataset collection.