Automated Topological Mapping for Agricultural Vehicles

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Are you interested in:

  1. Machine vision
  2. Artificial intelligence
  3. Research publications

If so, this internship is perfect for you

Topological maps are waypoints for driverless vehicles to pass between. In agriculture, these topological maps are created manually by humans – which is extremely time-consuming, especially if you consider that 70% of all land in the UK is farmed, let alone the rest of the world! In this project, we will convert images of farmland captured by drones and convert them to topological maps using artificial intelligence and classical computer vision methods. This is a fantastic opportunity to:

  • Drive forward the cutting edge of robotics research
  • Work on real-world robotics problems
  • Develop your programming, machine vision and A.I. ability
  • Learn from current robotics researchers about how to research
  • Build your CV and research portfolio

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