Robot Map Converters

Robot Map Converters 

Supervisor: Dr Gautham Das 

What you will be doing 

This project will develop different scripts to convert from a map representation to another, to improve inter-operability of different map representations enabling wider validation of algorithms in multiple map representations. For example, OpenRMF’s topological map representation also contains Gazebo world element definitions. This map could be converted to L-CAS’s topological map representations along with a gazebo world file. Using this convertion, an algorithm implemented for OpenRMF could be easily tested on L-CAS’s topological representation. 

What skills would be useful to have for this project 

  • ROS2 
  • Python/C++ 
  • Linux 
  • Basic understanding of networking 

How to get more information and apply 

For more information about the project, please contact Gautham ( by e-mail in the first instance. Please also send in your application, containing a brief description of your interests and your suitability for this project as well as a CV to the above e-mail ID.  

Candidates will be selected based on the content of the application, followed by a brief chat on Teams/in-person to confirm your suitability. The deadline for applications is 27/06/2024, with a planned project start 04/07/2024. Teams/In-person chats with the shortlisted candidates are expected to be held on 01/07/2024.