4D plant mapping – Using robots to monitor growth across space and time


In agriculture, the inspection of new crop varieties is performed manually by humans, which is extremely time-consuming, somewhat subjective, and makes it very difficult to reconstruct the dynamics of the plant growth process.

In this project, we work toward enabling autonomous agricultural robots equipped with 3D sensors to periodically record scans of plants and build a 4D map (i.e. 3D space across time) of the crop. Over the summer, we will collect images and 3-dimensional scans of real plants and explore how we can use artificial intelligence and classical computer vision methods to extract shape features to register the scans across time.

You will get the opportunity to:

  • contribute to cutting edge robotics research
  • operate our high-precision 3D scanner
  • learn 3D data manipulation using Blender, Meshlab, and Python 3D processing libraries
  • build your programming skills and A.I. knowledge
  • visit our strawberry farm and scanning studio at Riseholme campus

Work with us on this real-world robotics problem, learn about the research process, get some hands-on experience in the 3D data world, and build your CV.

Please apply below or contact Karoline Heiwolt at 18727004@students.lincoln.ac.uk

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