Software & Datasets



Most of our software is open source and free to use for non-commercial purposes.

Members of L-CAS are active contributors to a number of software projects, for instance:

  • FreMEn: Frequency-based Map Enhancing
  • Contribution to QSR library, mostly around Qualitative Trajectory Calculus
  • many contributions to the open source STRANDS repository
  • iceWing: A C++ image processing framework tightly integrated with openCV
  • altURI: contribution to USARSim
  • CAST: The CoSy Architecture Schema Toolkit (CAST) is a system integration framework designed to allow researchers (primarily in the fields of AI and robotics) to develop distributed intelligent, autonomous systems
  • MuPPeTS (Multimodal People Perception and Tracking Software): several C++ libraries for multisensor human detection, recognition and tracking. See also our ROS person tracking packages build on top of MuPPETS
  • RoboLib: C# software wrappers and practical tutorials for different robots including Rovio, Roomba and NXT.
  • EVK1104: Tutorials on code development for Atmel EVK1104 evaluation boards.
  • STeF-map: ROS implementation of STeF-map. This is a spatio-temporal flow representation that models the likelihood of people motion direction on a grid-based map by a set of harmonic functions, which efficiently capture long-term variations of crowd movements over time.