LiGHTS Festival 30/9/16: "Seeing Humans through a Robot’s Eyes"

LiGHTS Festival 30/9/16: “Seeing Humans through a Robot’s Eyes”

DSC_0148 BaxterPlayingGames Alfie meets LACE residents (2)

As part of the LiGHTS Festival, researchers from the Lincoln Centre for Autonomous Systems (L-CAS) will be organising exciting robot demos and public lectures, focusing on “Seeing Humans through a Robot’s Eyes“.

lcas_logo_100Robots use a variety of different sensors, helping them to “see” (in science speak: “to perceive”) the world around them. In particular, for interactive robots like the ones developed at the Lincoln Centre for Autonomous Systems in the context of the ENRICHME, FLOBOT, and STRANDS projects, the ability to see humans and understand what they might be up to, is crucial to delivering useful and good services. In this talk, you will learn about many different sensors used in robotics, and how these are employed to interpret the world around a robot in general, and to perceive humans in particular. Our live robot “Linda” will share with you a glimpse into its internal workings and researchers will explain how robots see the world.

LiGHTS Nights (Lincoln – Get Hold of Tech and Science) is a one-day (30/9/2016) celebration of how science and technology impacts on our daily lives. With a lively and thought-provoking free programme of events in venues across Lincoln, the day aims to inspire and excite visitors with the wonders of innovation and exploration.

LiGHTS is Lincoln’s first event contribution to this event, hosted by the University of Lincoln and is funded by the European Commission under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions.

LiGHTS Nights is a free event but bookings need to be made in advance. We have categorised our extensive programme to make it easier to see what is happening throughout the day, please book onto as many sessions as you would like to attend using the booking form below.