Research Seminar by Gregory Epps (React Robotics)

L-CAS is proud to host another research seminar in collaboration with LIAT, this time on “DogBot”, a new robotic platform and the research behind it.

The seminar is to take place on Friday, 18/5/2018, at 11:am, in room AAD0W25.

Gregory Epps of React Robotics will bring a DogBot for a live demo!

Everybody is welcome to join.

DogBot is a quadruped robot built for AI research, built by AI and robotics experts with an eye on the future. It breaks free from the need for heavy, slow and rigid limbs by utilising ultra-light carbon fibre and 3D printed parts to complement powerful torque controlled motors. The robot uses real-time AI control, resulting in lifelike control and motion.
React Robotics will provide a platform for academic researchers to test their control algorithms in the real world. We are introducing the DogBot to the market at just £19,995+VAT, and we encourage you sign up to be notified when the DogBot will be available for pre-order.