UoL 3D Continuous Social Activity Dataset


Dataset structure, download and conditions of use

The dataset is composed of 20 long RGB-D videos. Each video provides RGB-D images and tracked skeleton of different social and individual activities performed by two people.
Each session is in a separate folder, which contains compressed full HD RGB and depth images, and two files for the skeletons of the two actors in the scene. Each row of the skeleton text file contains information about positions (6 DoF) of 25 joints.
Each video provides a labelling file containing the time intervals of each social activity in the video.

The source code to extract skeleton data and ROS-compatible files can be provided upon request.

If you use the dataset for your research, please cite our paper that describes the data collection in detail.

Title = {Social Activity Recognition on Continuous RGB-D Video Sequences},
Author = {C. Coppola and S. Cosar and D. Faria and N. Bellotto},
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Examples of individual activites:

Examples of social interactions:

Contacts: Dr Claudio Coppola ( or Dr Nicola Bellotto (