UoL 3D Social Interaction Dataset


Dataset structure, download and conditions of use

The dataset is composed of 10 sessions. Each session provides RGB-D images and skeleton tracks of 2 long videos of different activities performed by two people. Each session is zipped in a separate file, which contains a folder that has skeleton tracks in a text format and RGB (24 bits) and depth images. Each row of the skeleton text file contains information about positions (6 DoF) of 25 joints.

The dataset is publicly available for download, but we would appreciate if you could complete the form as it enables us to help assess our impact, which is a key metric for our project’s funding. If you register we will send you an email with the link where you will find the files.

If you use the dataset or our code for your research, please cite our RO-MAN 2017 that describes the data collection in detail. We attached a bibtex record for your convenience.

Individual Activites:


Social Interactions:


Video including activities taken form our previous dataset :


Contact: Claudio Coppola, PhD Candidate <> – Dr Nicola Bellotto <>