Study with us towards an MSc in Robotics and Autonomous Systems

We are very excited to offer a new Postgraduate Study Programme “MSc Robotics and Autonomous Systems“, including many new modules delivered by our L-CAS staff. Learn about the latest developments, techniques, and research in autonomous systems, machine learning, robot programming, artificial intelligence and computer vision, and do a rewarding MSc project with us.

This new 1 year MSc programme is designed to equip students with the advanced knowledge and skills to develop the innovative solutions required by the rapidly emerging global industry in Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS).

The programme aims to provide the opportunity to enhance and apply students’ existing knowledge of computer programming and mathematical frameworks through laboratory workshops, lectures, debates and independent research.

The course assumes a familiarity with programming concepts and the supporting mathematical framework, while presenting advanced concepts relating specifically to the computing domain.

We are looking forward to many bright students from all around the world to join us, be it to get themselves on a research career paths towards a PhD, or to build up their skill set to work in industry or maybe even start their own robotics business.

Get in touch, for instance, on Facebook, or through our contact form, or apply directly here.