Hack a Robot – Program our robotic museum tour guide

Members of the public have an opportunity to program our robot Lindsey, as part of the European Robotics Week and the BeingHuman Festival.

Lindsey in the MuseumRobot Lindsey is currently giving people tours around The Collection Museum, Lincoln – telling them about various artefacts and times past. Come and help improve what Lindsey does! Work with robotics researchers from the University of Lincoln to design a new tour for the robot. Then program the robot yourselves (with a little help if necessary), and see your tour come to life!

Groups of 2-4 people will do the activity, with two groups at most simultaneously. This is a family-friendly activity, all ages welcome (though there should be at least one responsible adult in each group).

This event will take place on Thursday 14, Friday 15, Monday 18, Tuesday 19, Wednesday 20, Thursday 21 and Friday 22 November, 16:00-18:00.

The event is free, but booking is required.


Being Human