ICRA Workshop on Agri-Food Manipulation! On May 31, 2021.

This year at the ICRA conference 2021, a group of organisers from
the Universities of Lincoln, Birmingham, Leeds, and Cambridge is proposing a workshop on Agri-Food manipulation. The workshop will be hosting pioneer researchers from several backgrounds, including machine learning, trajectory planning, control, and industry. It will explore the latest advances, challenges, and new approaches for bridging industrial and academic solutions for agri-food.
The workshop will be held virtually with a combination of online and offline talks to engage as many researchers as possible so that the event may become a forum for discussion. The format will see the online session on a 3-hours Zoom call, where the speakers will give brief talks, and people may ask questions. Ahead of the event, a collection of offline presentations will corroborate the online event going into more details and broaden speakers’ research. A Youtube channel will hold all recorded video!
We invite you to contribute by the 7th of May 2021 with your recent works on manipulation, planning, control and perception, around the workshop topic. Your participation in the workshop will add dynamics and quality discussions to the event! Take a look at the workshop website [https://lcas.lincoln.ac.uk/wp/tig-iii/] for the entire list of distinguished speakers, topics of interest, overview, and coming updates (e.g talks and links to the event).