Season Greetings and some public X-Mas lectures

2020 was certainly not the easiest of years, but we were blessed with a very dedicated team that keeps research going, by developing new innovative ways for remote working, high-fidelity simulations, and new collaborations. New projects have launched (e.g. the £2.5M Robot Highways project, developing a large-scale demonstrator of a fully automated strawberry farm), and funding proposals have been successful (e.g. we will have another EU H2020 project called DARKO, continuing our work in automating intra-logistics). And many projects will continue a bit longer than originally expected to make up for any challenges faced by the pandemic. The L-CAS team published more than 50 papers in 2020, several new members joined, and quite a few PhD and MSc student graduated out of our group. So, this is to thank the entire L-CAS team, our collaborators in research and industries, and to wish everyone some relaxing holidays and indeed a great 2021. 

L-CAS team members will also be presenting at the Lincoln School of Computer Science’s X-Mas Lecture Series, live on YouTube, so feel free to join in:

10am – 11am 
Social Robots in the World: Research and Reality  Dr Paul Baxter, Senior Lecturer in Autonomous Systems  Join here 
12pm – 1pm  
MSc Robotics and Automation Introduction (this is particularly interesting for anyone considering joining us as a student)  Dr Charles Fox, Programme Lead for MSc Robotics and Automation   Join here 
1pm – 2pm
Robotics in the Wild: Perspectives on software Engineering and system sciences in autonomous human-robot interaction  Professor Marc Hanheide, Professor in Intelligent Robotics and Interactive Systems Join here  
11am – 12pm 
Swarm Robotics: Past, present, and future  Alan Millard, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science  Join here
4pm – 5pm
Privacy-Preserving Encrypted Deep Learning  George Onoufriou, PhD Student Join here